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Triumph Capital

Triumph Capital is a boutique investment company, established for the purpose of assembling, disseminating and monitoring investment strategies for event driven “Special-Situations.” Maintaining a particular focus on strategies related to Mergers and Acquisitions, Tenders, Reorganizations and Spin-Offs, Triumph Capital provides investment recommendations to high net worth individuals and mid-sized institutional investors.

The Mission of Triumph Capital

To teach the world’s under-served as well as the struggling middle class population, the universal "language of money" (financial literacy). At a time when even reasonable people are beginning to question whether free enterprise and capitalism is a system somehow rigged against them, financial literacy empowerment holds the promise of bridging the differences between races, cultures and classes, and even nations. By teaching individuals the universal "language of money" it breaks down barriers and creates a sense of real opportunity and fairness in the minds, hearts and souls of those who feel left behind as well as those that have been preyed upon in the midst of this global economic crisis. It is the ultimate mission of Triumph Capital to make sure that every human being has the dignified right to the economic empowerment tools that were designed to change their lives. Financial literacy empowerment is a doorway to the world of small business ownership and entrepreneurship.